Four Common Misconceptions About CBD, White Crane Clinic

Four Common Misconceptions about CBD

Misconception 1: CBD produces a high in the user.

CBD does not produce a high feeling in those taking it for medicinal purposes. One of the reasons that many believe CBD is intoxicating is because it is classified in the Cannabis family, the same family as hemp and marijuana. However, unlike marijuana, CBD does not contain traceable amounts of THC, which is the compound that creates a high feeling. Marijuana, on the other hand, can contain up to 30% THC, which does produce a high in the user.

Misconception 2: CBD is not scientifically supported.

CBD was first isolated from the hemp plant in 1940. Since then, many tests and experiments have been done to find what CBD can treat and the effects of CBD use. Over the course of decades, CBD has been proven to be a safe, effective treatment for seizures, insomnia, inflammation, diabetes, and most commonly, anxiety. Studies performed on animals with anxiety also made it clear that CBD treatment decreases stress, even in pets. The misconception that CBD is not supported by science is partly because the discovery of CBD was not very long ago; as research is conducted, more information on CBD will be easily accessible.

Misconception 1 CBD Produces A High In The User, White Crane Clinic

Misconception 3: CBD is illegal.

It is true that there are certain restrictions on CBD, but hemp-derived CBD products are legal due to their low levels of THC. Any CBD with THC levels lower than 0.3% is legal at the federal level. There is, however, a bit of a “grey area” when it comes to marijuana-derived CBD products because regulations vary by state. In most states, to use a CBD product from a marijuana plant with a THC level higher than 0.3%, one is required to have a medical marijuana card.

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Misconception 4: All CBD is the same.

The quality and effects of CBD can vary depending on the brand or product. Most products are independently sourced, resulting in different THC to CBD ratios or different strains. Another factor that can change CBD uses is whether the CBD was isolated from a hemp plant, which has lower levels of THC, or a marijuana plant, which has higher levels of THC. Strains with higher levels of THC and lower levels of CBD will be more useful for pain management, while strains with lower levels of THC and higher levels of CBD will help with stress and anxiety.


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