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Cupping Therapy & Benefits

Does Cupping Therapy Work and What Are the Benefits?

In our fast-paced world, new discoveries are still making their way into the field of medicine. But even as essential as they are, they can’t take away the power of traditional treatments such as cupping therapy. This common traditional Chinese medicine has been in existence for thousands of years, thanks to its wide-ranging therapeutic benefits to the body.

As an alternative therapy, cupping involves placing heated cups on the skin to create suction and achieve a deep tissue massage. This is usually performed by a qualified therapist or physician with the main aim of facilitating treatment through blood flow. Though famed as traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), cupping is now popular today, especially with professional athletes and celebrities around the world.

How Cupping Therapy Works

Cupping therapy involves the use of small glass or plastic cups. Usually, a physician will place these cups on your skin to create suction. The cup can be heated or suctioned directly to the skin. When this happens, blood circulation increases in the area where cups are placed.

The effect of this suction is a relief of tension and an increase in blood flow. This promotes cell repair in the body, aiding in healing and the creation of new blood vessels. Cupping therapy also helps detoxify the body and eases the breakdown of scar tissue, thus helping relieve post-surgical pain and immobility issues.

Conditions Treated By Cupping Therapy

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, cupping therapy was initially prescribed for emergencies. However, this therapy is now considered an effective medication for easing conditions that create muscle pains like;

Back pain



Neck and shoulder pain



Further research also reveals that cupping therapy can serve alongside other forms of Traditional Chinese medicine, such as acupuncture and herbology, in helping patients achieve optimal health as well as pain relief.

Benefits of Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy offers many benefits when used as an alternative treatment for your body’s ailments. Some of the known benefits include;

Effective and Faster Pain Relief

Cupping can provide effective pain relief for irritating conditions like headaches, migraines, and other forms of muscle pain. It also increases blood flow, making it ideal for painful conditions like stiff neck and rheumatism.

It Reduces the Chances of Experiencing Chronic Fatigue

Cupping therapy is often preferred as a recovery technique by athletes because of this benefit. The therapy offers the required physical and mental rejuvenation that keeps chronic fatigue at bay.

Effective for a Healthy Skin

Cupping therapy improves the blood flow and the supply of oxygen and essential nutrients needed for healthy skin. Furthermore, this treatment also helps create new blood vessels necessary for facilitating blood flow and removing toxins from your skin.

Enhanced Mobility and ROM

When the muscles are overused or in pain, it’s quite common that joints will experience a lack of mobility and range of motion. Cupping is used to help draw tension out of those muscles and increase blood flow, thereby allowing for more flexibility and mobility in the joints.


Proponents of cupping therapy view it as an effective treatment that may help alleviate the symptoms of both short-term and chronic health conditions. And even though its use isn’t completely free from side effects, cupping therapy can still serve as an alternative medicine worth incorporating into your treatment plan. If you’re interested in learning more, check out our website or give us a call to learn about how it can be an additional treatment option in helping you achieve health and well-being.


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