Restore hormones naturally for both men and women

Hormone Therapy, White Crane Clinic

Reclaim Your Health with Hormone Therapy

Hormone therapy is often thought of as replacement of male and female hormones that can be used to treat a wide variety of symptoms. However, with acupuncture and complementary medicine, we are using a wide variety of natural products to help those suffering with many different ailments from hot flashes and menopausal symptoms to weight gain and muscle weakness. Treatment methods include acupuncture, Chinese herbology, moxibustion and hormone replacement. We work with local pharmacies to offer patients the best of both Eastern and Western medicine by combining new techniques and health care options based on eastern training and diagnostics. We have successfully been able to help our patients regain their life and balance hormones so that they can live happy, healthy pain free lives.

Hormones help regulate sleep cycles, body temperature, metabolism and appetite, heart rate, reproductive cycles, sexual function, general growth and development and mood and stress levels. Our goal is to provide patients additional options as they struggle with known and unknown hormone fluctuations. We use saliva testing and local labs to help guide patients and get correct hormone levels and treatments in the process. Whether you struggle from Thyroid issues, Adrenal issues, or loss in hormone production, we can help! Let us guide you through the process and help you achieve your health goals.


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