Acupuncture is one of the oldest forms of medicine in the world.

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Experience the Healing Power of Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medicine-based approach using exceptionally fine, sterile needles to trigger specific spots or points on the skin. These needles help release blockages and help restore the body’s natural flow of energy. When your body has blockages or imbalances, it cannot function properly and can cause an incredibly wide variety of health concerns including pain, headaches, allergy, digestive issues, sleep issues, fatigue, arthritis, and many more. Acupuncture work with your body to promote healing without unwanted side effects and is minimally invasive. Acupuncture studies have shown that these treatments stimulate nerve-rich areas and can cause stimulation of the immune system, enhanced circulatory function, and pain relief through pain modulators and chemicals released in the body.
There are many different forms of acupuncture and we offer three of them at the White Crane Clinic. The most common form throughout the United States is Traditional Chinese Acupuncture (TCM). It has been shown to be incredibly effective when treating pain and many other health concerns. It is used in combination with herbal medicine to promote healing and wellness that not only helps patients resolve their current health issues but also prevents them from coming back in the future.
Another type of acupuncture is Korean Acupuncture. We use the Saam Method to help patients achieve balance and wellness. This method and point prescription is based on your constitution type and allows us to move energy and create balance more effectively. It is great for those who want to maintain balance and focus on prevention. It can also have a much gentler effect for those who are sensitive to treatments.
The final style we use is Japanese Acupuncture. We use this method both with and without needles. It can be extremely effective for those dealing with emotional trauma as well as children. We have found that its gentle nature has allowed patients to experience the benefits of acupuncture with very minimal needles and very gentle energy work.
The use of acupuncture and traditional Asian medicine is to restore the body’s natural balance and help patients reclaim, enhance, and continue their health. Prevention is the key and our goal is to help patients achieve optimal health and then maintain it throughout their life.

Acupuncture and Infertility

Acupuncture can be greatly beneficial in treating fertility. Fertility is a common problem that has many different root causes. Traditional Chinese Medicine is a great option for those looking to help aid their process of obtaining and maintaining a pregnancy. It can be used as a sole treatment as well as in conjunction with IVF, IUI, and other western fertility treatments. It can help calm anxiety, relieve stress, reduce depression, promote egg production from the ovaries, warm and nourish the uterus, and boost blood and circulation. At the White Crane Clinic, we have used acupuncture and Chinese medicine to help women struggling with hormone imbalanced infertility, blocked fallopian tube issues, abnormal sperm production, PCOS and endometriosis, PID, and many other issues.

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine can help not only with fertility but also pregnancy and the labor and delivery process. It is used to promote cervical softening and dilation, strengthened contractions, and help your baby engage into the birth canal. Women who have acupuncture done from 36 weeks to 40 weeks of pregnancy have on average a faster, easier birth by roughly 1.5 hours and also a reduced risk of medical intervention.

The use of western and eastern medicine has brought great success to those struggling with infertility, both men and women. We feel that through a combined effort, we can help more patients achieve their goals of health, wellness, and fertility.


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