Moxibustion in Acupuncture: What is Moxa? Moxa is a method of relieving pain by burning dried Mugwort on or near the skin. This is done to draw “bad energy” out of the body or promote blood circulation. Moxibustion can also be used for moxa rolling, where the leaves are ground into a paste and then […]

Relieving Neck Pain, Does Acupuncture Work? Neck pain can result from various cervical spine conditions, and you should know what options are available to help you relieve this pain. One method of getting the hurt to go away is acupuncture. While many believe a steroid injection is their cure, studies show acupuncture is a far […]

How to Treat Depression Holistically Are you suffering from depression and tired of dealing with the side effects of medications? It might be time to try alternative treatments like acupuncture.  Mental health conditions are unique, and there is no one size fits all medication. For the longest time, depression has been treated with medication,


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