Acupuncture: How Long do the Effects Last? Acupuncture supports your mind and body systems so they can heal naturally. This treatment originated in Asia more than 2,000 years ago or earlier and is now a modern practice as an evidence-based, personal, and rational effective means of healthcare. Acupuncture is used by Western physicians, chiropractor

The Benefits that LED Facials can Offer Your Skin LED facials or light-emitting diode therapy is a safe and non-invasive treatment known for its skin rejuvenation effects. Although LED lights have been around since the 1960s, they have recently been used for skin treatments and are one of the most rapidly developing technologies. LED light [&hellip

Moxibustion in Acupuncture: What is Moxa? Moxa is a method of relieving pain by burning dried Mugwort on or near the skin. This is done to draw “bad energy” out of the body or promote blood circulation. Moxibustion can also be used for moxa rolling, where the leaves are ground into a paste and then […]


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