How Long do the Benefits of Acupuncture Last?

How Long do the Benefits of Acupuncture Last?
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How Long do the Benefits of Acupuncture Last?

How Long Do The Effects Of Acupuncture Last?

If you have just come across acupuncture, the needles might make this holistic treatment seem terrifying. However, these needles can treat a range of conditions and leave you feeling better. Acupuncture needles are meant to trigger specific points on your skin to influence organ, gland, and tissue functions in different ways.

Acupuncture can be used to manage allergies, depression, chronic pain, insomnia, hypertension, morning sickness, osteoarthritis, and menstrual cramps, among other conditions. A few studies have also shown some benefits of this holistic treatment in managing multiple sclerosis and cancer.

Despite its benefits, the primary question most patients have is ‘how long will the effects of acupuncture last?’ Like most people, you would want the results of your acupuncture to last for as long as possible. Unfortunately, there exists no straightforward answer to the question on the duration of acupuncture effects. Here are some facts to help answer your question.

Signs That Acupuncture Is Working For You

Before knowing how long acupuncture results last, you should know the signs that the treatment is working for you. Here are some of these signs:

  • Improved body functions like those related to the respiratory or digestive systems.
  • Decreased pain.
  • Reduced mental stress.
  • Minimal insomnia.
  • Increased energy.
  • Better concentration at school or work.

Remember that some people report the above effects within 24 hours of therapy, but others might only appreciate them after 36-48 hours.

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How Long Do Acupuncture Effects Last?

The timeframe within which the effects of your acupuncture session will fade varies among patients based on several factors. Here are these factors:

  • The length of symptoms. Acute issues often clear up faster and produce longer-lasting acupuncture results than chronic ones.
  • Patient’s age and physical condition. A young person’s immune system and general body health are better than an older one’s. Therefore, symptoms in young patients resolve faster than those in older ones, and the effects of treatment last longer in the young.
  • A patient’s type of symptoms.
  • The severity of symptoms.
  • Whether symptoms are related to illness or a chronic injury.
  • Your habits, diets, and lifestyle.
  • The length of treatment. In the initial phase of your treatment, you may have to visit an acupuncturist several times weekly. These visits are spaced further apart as you notice a gradual improvement in your symptoms as you continue.

How to Prolong the Results of Acupuncture

With a knowledge of the above determinants of the length of acupuncture results, the more accurate question when undergoing treatment would be how can you make your results last longer rather than how long do acupuncture results last. Here are tips on how to maximize the timeframe of your acupuncture results:

  • Make lifestyle changes that support your treatment. For instance, when getting treated for back pain, be careful with your posture and get an ergonomic chair to support the results of acupuncture treatment.
  • Enjoy some downtime. After your acupuncture session, consider taking some time off work and avoiding strenuous work to give the body time to absorb the effects of treatment and prolong its benefits.
  • Consider using herbal remedies. Some acupuncturists recommend herbal remedies or offer a customized herbal preparation to enhance your treatment results. Consider taking these after consulting with the acupuncturist on their interaction with any medicines you are taking.
  • Improve your diet to complement the effects of acupuncture. You can ask for your acupuncturist’s recommendations to help in this.


Acupuncture is a safe, drug-free alternative for getting your body working at its best. With the above information, you are well placed to know how long you can expect the results of treatment to last and how to prolong the effects.

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