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Why Does My Acupuncturist Look at my Tongue?

What Does Your Tongue Say About Your Health?

Acupuncture dates back to the Common Era around 100 BC in China. The practice involves the insertion of fine needles through the patient’s skin to re-balance energy flow and the GI tract. For centuries, Chinese health experts have used acupuncture to manage pain, stress, and overall wellness. In addition, they use tongues as a key diagnostic tool for various ailments. Keep following as we define why acupuncturists rely on tongue diagnosis for eventual treatment.

Tongue Coating

In normal circumstances, a human tongue has a thin white coating. Due to various reasons, the color may change, or the coating becomes thicker. On rare occasions, that layer may ‘burn off,’ making it appear peeled.  A qualified acupuncturist makes a proper diagnosis depending on the color, texture, and coating thickness. Keep in mind that a thick coating indicates the presence of various digestive imbalances or signs of a cold. Generally, cracks around the tongue point out internal heat imbalances. Also, this can be an indication of disease progression in the body. On the other hand, a thick yellow coating usually indicates an energy pattern referred to as the Damp heat.

The Color

Chinese medicine believes that tongues reveal the state of an individual’s energy distribution, organ health, and blood circulation. A healthy tongue should appear fresh with a light red or dark pink coloration. Overall, a purple or bluish one signifies a blood clotting or stagnation condition. Likewise, a bright red one implies heat presence which can either be heat deficiency or excess heat. If you notice paleness on the tongue, most likely, that’s a sign of a common cold or blood deficiency. It is worth mentioning that different parts of the tongue correspond with the rest of the body. For instance, if the tip appears red, there is a high probability of heat present in the upper part of the body.

The Shape

Ideally, the tongue should fit comfortably in the mouth without squashing against the teeth. The presence of tooth marks around the tongue edges point toward a digestion problem. At times, an acupuncturist can use the diagnosis to define the condition of fluid metabolism in an individual. 

All in all, thin tongues mainly point out blood or body fluid deficiencies. However, quivering usually relates to gastrointestinal problems or body imbalances that impinge on liver energy. 

How does an Acupuncturist Monitor Treatment Progress Through the Tongue?

Unknown to most people, the tongue can indicate the success of a treatment program. Usually, when a patient starts feeling better, the body system becomes more regulated and stronger. As a result, the imbalances previously noticed on it may slowly decline. 

Given that some intermittent and variable ailments can be hard to monitor, the state of your tongue indicates if the treatment offered is a success or not. While under treatment, experts discourage patients from brushing their tongues. This allows a competent acupuncturist to get a clear picture of the problem at hand. 

That said, remember that not all disorders display on the tongue. In some cases, medical practitioners may use other methods to evaluate a patient’s well-being much better. Something else, pulling the tongue out for long durations during routine diagnosis can trigger changes in color and shape, leading to an incorrect verdict. On that note, a qualified acupuncturist should limit tongue examination to not more than 15 seconds each time. 

Final Thoughts

Before booking an appointment with an acupuncturist, it is essential to monitor the condition of your tongue daily. Hopefully, mentioned tips above can guide you on how to detect a health condition early enough. Take into account that some beverages and food can discolor it and complicate the diagnosis process. Therefore, steer clear of artificial coloring, beets, coffee, or food rich in vitamin C to keep the tongue in its natural state.


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